The Music for the Blind Review

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Subway Adventure

a video game       Really good art.

Crysis 2

a video game       Boring. Unpolished. Infantile.


a video game       Always amusing. Occasionally hilarious. Rarely fun.


a video game       A fascinating, beautiful, primally unsettling world. The most frustrating closing sequence of any game I can remember.

Hotline Miami

a video game       Intensely satisfying.

Bioshock Infinite

a video game       An ineffective tutorial for an incredibly frustrating boss fight. A story, I guess.


a video game       Pretty. Impenetrable.


a video game       Unparalleled. Beautiful.

Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers

a video game       Entertainingly subvertible.

Cargo!: The Quest for Gravity

a video game       Small. Broken. Frustrating. Fascinating.

The Wonderful End of the World

a video game       A shadow of its inspiration.